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Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist

You understand that digital marketing is beyond just throwing money into Google and Facebook. It is both an art and science. You enjoy crafting ads and running campaigns that drive people to take action and You are fully committed to getting results. Join our pioneering team and be involved in different facets of a digital marketing project.  We are looking for someone who can grow with the company and make waves in the industry together.

  • Set up and run online ad campaigns for clients in various diverse industries ranging from mortgage to beauty to education and more
  • Meet clients directly and understand their business 1st-hand
  • Squeeze your brain juice to conceive various angles in writing ads that people are actually interested to read
  • Research, learn and adapt as quick as chameleon when helping clients in different industries
  • Make sense of the campaign numbers (that don’t make sense to other people) to tweak & improve campaign performance
  • Hone your craft in Google Adwords/Facebook ads, dive deep into the features and become an expert in it
  • Gather and understand clients’ requirements & communicate promptly with them
  • Coordination of digital marketing project among different stakeholders
  • Absorb like a sponge - the best practices from seniors as well as independently


  • Experience in Google adwords
  • Comfortable with numbers and skillful with words
  • Decent in English language
  • Interest in psychology of human beings
  • Passionate about digital marketing & social media marketing
  • Independent, resourceful and able to work in fast-paced environment while juggling multiple projects
  • Ability to learn and absorb like a sponge (forget textbook learning, learn by doing & performing)
  • Experience in selling is a plus
  • Degree/diploma holder

Why Join us?

Instead of doing mindless paperwork, you are given autonomy to run actual projects

  • Be mentally stimulated & challenged to your full potential
  • Join a company that serves the needs of the current digital era & is on an exciting growth trajectory
  • Receive appraisal & feedback to improve your craft
  • Be awarded bonuses based on performance
  • Flat organizational structure with no office politics
  • Be exposed to a wide variety of industries and broaden your horizons