Pyu Thit Nwe

Application Consultant Intern

Pyu Thit Nwe interned as an application consultant at IBM, graduating with a Diploma in Business Enterprise IT from the Nanyang Polytechnic in 2019.

My passion for what I do and the hunger to learn constantly help to keep me going through some challenges in my internship.

My company and my internship

As an application consultant intern, my job mainly revolves around the System Integration Testing (SIT) phase of the project throughout the three-month internship. It involves reviewing test cases, raising bugs and retesting the test cases, documentation and managing reports.

How I got my internship

I underwent a few steps from phone interviews to a test. During the phone interview, I was very nervous as I had to be alert and to think on the spot. The call however, went much smoother than I thought, as my interviewer was friendly and that helped to lessen my anxiety.

The test was most probably the trickiest part. Eventually, I made it through the selection process and started my internship journey in IBM.

The highs and lows

The learning process that I went through during this internship has taught me many skills that I was not able to obtain inside the classroom. My passion for what I do and the hunger to learn constantly help to keep me going through some challenges in my internship. One of the challenges was communicating with the offshore team in China. Thanks to this experience, I made an effort to start picking up Mandarin.

My happiest moment at work

Being in a small team means quality time and sharing during our lunch or tea breaks. These chats gave me an open perspective about the different paths of career and doors to different job opportunities. I am thankful as the people, the environment and the culture at IBM made up my happiest moments at work.

Training and support

This internship has been fruitful and fulfilling, thanks to my Industry Internship Mentor (IIM), Kyzer, who is patient and understanding. He would explain carefully and go through the tasks step by step to make sure I am on par with him. When we make mistakes as interns, we learn from them. If it was not for our mentor’s encouragement and support, I would not have enjoyed this internship as much.

Culture and Environment

IBM believes in quality of work produced rather than quantity of working hours. This also means that the employees here are disciplined and have excellent time management for their projects on hand.

I have learnt to adapt to the working style and the culture within a short time. It takes self-discipline to ensure that I am productive at work and complete the tasks at our own time.

Some advice

Take initiative, do not be afraid to make mistakes, and always be willing to learn – all these will help you better yourself.