Established in 2001, the Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) vision is to build a nation of healthy people. 

We aim to empower residents in Singapore to attain optimal health, increase the quality and years of healthy life, and prevent illnesses, disability and premature death. 

To achieve this, HPB drives national health promotion and disease prevention programmes, spearheads health education initiatives and creates a supportive environment in Singapore where healthy lifestyle options are available and accessible for healthy living every day.

You may look forward to contribute on projects which focus on HPB’s key functional areas such as:

Programmes Development Divisions:

Obesity Prevention Management and Preventive Health Programmes

Outreach and Services Divisions:

Youth Prevention Services, School Health & Outreach, Workplace Health & Outreach and Regional Health & Community Outreach

Marketing and Partnership Divisions:

Corporate Marketing, Corporate Communications, Corporate & Industry Partnerships

Research, Policy and Planning: 

Insights, Innovation & Planning and Policy, Research & Surveillance

Enablers Divisions: 

Internal Audit and Risk Management , Human Resources & Organisation Development, Chief Information Officer’s Office, Finance & Admin and Procurement

You will be exposed to key projects in a specific division. A mentor and supervisor will be assigned to you to provide guidance and address your developmental needs. You may be pleased to know that outstanding interns will be considered for the HPB Undergraduate Scholarship.

Duration of Internship Programme

Our internship programme lasts from 8 weeks to 6 months.

Who We Look For

We look for talented individuals who are proactive, creative and committed to our vision of building a nation of healthy and happy people.