Health Promotion Board (HPB)

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Public Sector

Established in 2001, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) is a government organisation committed to promoting healthy living in Singapore. HPB is a credible and authoritative source of evidence-based health information that seeks to empower the Singapore public with knowledge and skills to take ownership of their health and live a healthy lifestyle. We, in turn, are guided by evidence-based health knowledge to formulate and implement health policies and programmes that will improve the nation’s health.

We empower the Singapore public to embrace life fully through our wide range of health promotion and disease prevention programmes. These include health and dental services for school children, workplace health programmes and physical activity programmes, to name a few. We also work with the community and initiate new programmes over time to address their health concerns. We believe that we can achieve a healthy nation, not alone, but through building meaningful partnerships with individuals, private and community sectors, and schools and healthcare providers to create.

Our goal is to increase the quality and years of healthy life, as well as prevent illness, disability and premature death. By 2020, we aim to enable Singaporeans to have access to healthy living at the doorstep of every home, school and workplace through the Healthy Living Master Plan, thus making healthy living natural and effortless for Singapore.