Healix International

Insurance and Risk Management

We offer UK employee healthcare benefits, and travel, medical and security assistance in every corner of the globe. Our purpose is to help people in difficult situations – whether that’s a cancer diagnosis, a need for medical assistance when they’re far from home, or being caught up in conflict or natural disaster. We talk to them, support them, and make sure they get the help they need. If necessary, we’ll pull them out and bring them home.

We’re co-ordinators and problem-solvers: experts at navigating the global health and security landscape. Our teams of doctors, nurses, travel and medical co-ordinators and security experts make sure that your people will be looked after, whatever happens supported by technology designed help individuals, not slot them into a predetermined solution.

We work with governments, broadcasters, NGOs, international corporations, major insurers and more. No two clients are the same: we adapt our services to their needs.

More importantly, we adapt to the practical and human needs of the individuals we protect. Most of us are on the front line; we keep our back office lean. We don’t use scripts, and we don’t time calls. We never lose sight of the fact that we’re dealing with real people.