Arthur Lim

Marketing Intern, GTI Media

Arthur is a Business Administration Student at National University of Singapore (NUS) graduating in the year 2026. 

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
I start my day with a sandwich and a strong cup of coffee before heading off to work. This gets me energised and ready for the day ahead. During my commute to work I will usually take the time to do some reading or prepare myself mentally for the day ahead.
Upon arriving at the office and greeting my colleagues, I will check with my mentors if they have any tasks for me, as well as check my email. Part of my daily tasks include following up with student clubs and uploading of job listings.
We conduct weekly meetings where various teams will update each other on their current task at hand and also discuss upcoming projects and events. These meetings are lighthearted yet detailed and gives us a clear picture on what everyone is doing.

As an intern, I will usually give a progress update on my current task at hand, or share with the rest of the team any projects which I have completed. This allows me to collect feedback on the content which we are creating and how I can better improve on it. During these meetings I would also record down notes on what other teams are doing so as to gain a better insight on how the company operates. Doing so enables me to link my real-life experiences to the theories and concepts which I learn at school.
After lunch, to avoid the food coma, the marketing team will usually meet up to generate new ideas for our social media campaigns. We would gather around the "Brainstorming Table" with a laptop, pen and paper and come up with fresh ideas. This discussion is a safe space where we bounce ideas off each other, allowing us to create and further develop our ideas to better market our products to our target audience.
Before wrapping up from work, I will consolidate the task which I have completed in a report and share it with my mentors. I will also consolidate on my own laptop any outstanding tasks which I had yet to complete that day, or any new tasks which we have discussed during the day.