Joye Lim
A day in the life of…

Joye Lim, Marketing Executive

Joye graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies and Marketing at Murdoch University.


While sipping a cup of morning coffee, I log on to my laptop. I briefly go through my to-do list and work calendar, looks like it’s going to an interesting day. In a short while, I will be heading to NTU for the Electronics and Electrical Engineering Society’s Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway event sponsorship. Before a final check of all the necessary preparation for the club event later, I spend the last minutes to look through any unread mails.



Alright, it is time to get going. I wouldn’t want to be caught in a traffic jam.


Here I am arriving at NTU EEE building. From afar, I manage to spot a couple of students wearing engineering t-shirts. There it is: a group of committee members busy preparing for the events located right outside Lecture Theatre 23. I meet up with the student club’s manager and pass him the sponsorship collaterals to be distributed to students collecting the welfare packs. Soon, there is a huge crowd of students forming a long queue, showing that the turn up rate is expectedly good. The huge crowd of students are all patiently waiting for their welfare packs, food and beverages while filling out our survey and participating in other social media activities. Looking at their happy faces, I can feel the excitement.


It is noon time and feeling famished, I head to the nearest eating place, Kou Fu @ NTU South Spine to have my lunch. Affordable food prices, delicious Japanese food, why not?


Since I am just a few meters away from School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, I stop by and the open area is already packed with SPMS students queuing to collect their Exam Welfare Packs. I see students who managed to get their goodie bags with our gradsingapore notebooks and mugs after completing our Singapore’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers 2017 survey. I decide to speak to a few of them. It is nice to hear some positive feedback from the students and many of them are also keen to get copies of our publication. Having some form of engagement with the students and being able to gather their opinions and feedback on the ground definitely play an essential role in my marketing research.



I pop by Career and Attachment Office and I have a chat with the Deputy Director. We explore some of the potential collaboration opportunities between Career Services and GTI Media. It is a long but meaningful discussion and I am definitely looking forward to our partnership. But for now, I have to make my way back to office.


After half a day out, I am back at my desk replying my emails and spending a portion of my time making phone calls and writing emails to student club committee members regarding their events’ sponsorship and partnership opportunities. There are a few things that I need to do which include connecting employers to student clubs for them to have the opportunity to directly engage with the students through student club events as I am responsible to keep employers posted of upcoming student club events.


The last part of my day consists of doing a quick check on the latest Singapore’s 100 survey responses and various distribution methods for our publications. 



I pack up and list down the things that I should continue to work on tomorrow. I will need to start planning on some marketing strategies for 2018 in the next couple of days. I will be meeting a few close friends for dinner tonight and I am praying that there won’t be a train breakdown.