Maverlyn Low Grab
A day in the life of…

Maverlyn Low, Product Designer

Maverlyn graduated with a Bachelor in Business Management, Singapore Management University in 2019


Since work starts at 10am, I usually hit the gym at 7.30am to get some exercise in before then. As I have a weekly standup with my team at 10.30am, I make sure to keep my workout to 1.5 hours.


I enjoy listening to design and tech podcasts while commuting to work – it is a good way for me to keep up with the latest trends in the tech scene, and also learn how other companies are designing their products. Getting my morning dose of design inspiration puts me in the right headspace to approach problems.


We have our monthly all-hands meeting which involves various business verticals and teams. I appreciate that our founders – Anthony Tan and Tan Hooi Ling – are very involved with employees of the company, strongly encouraging us to ask questions whenever we are in doubt of any company-wide decisions. I really admire their genuine relationship with Grabbers as it really gives us a sense of belonging at Grab.


On Fridays, my team has lunch together and we make a point to go somewhere out of the office. We explore restaurants and cafes together, and it is a great way to get to know each other on a more personal level.


I get a Slack message on my team chat informing us there is ice cream in the pantry. An old-school ice cream truck comes to the office every two weeks, and you can be sure I am always the first in line! Chocolate chip in classic rainbow bread is my go-to without fail.

In the line, I spot a Grabber visiting from our Vietnam office and briefly explain the history behind the ice cream truck. We have a great conversation about how the diverse company culture in Grab facilitates culture and knowledge sharing. 


I have projects with dependencies across various teams in the company – a lot of products at Grab are multi-faceted in nature and involve many stakeholders. I attend a workshop where we talk to product managers, engineers and researchers to understand how my project will impact their workflow. Alignment with stakeholders is essential to ensure smooth delivery of a product to our users.


We have a design critique every week where we are encouraged to share our designs and get feedback early. I share about a project that I am working on and my team’s feedback was refreshing. Sometimes when you work on a project for too long, you need a fresh pair of eyes to give you a different perspective. After every design critique, I always feel a sense of excitement to push my design limits to the next level.


I join the Intern Open House as a representative from Product Design and share my experience with Grab as a Product Design Trainee. I greatly appreciate the time given to me by those who came in order to understand more about what we do at Grab Design. Connecting with my fellow juniors from Singapore Management University (SMU) was a “full circle” moment for me as I was once in their position, speaking to my seniors about my career aspirations.


Whenever I am on a Grab ride, I take the opportunity to interact with the driver and get feedback for the driver app. Talking to drivers is a way for me to understand their story and how they are using our platform. By doing so, I am able to empathise with their pain points and find ways to improve their experience.