EHS Operations Technician

Application Dates
Applications open
26 Aug 2020
Applications closing
30 Dec 2020
Opportunity Overview
Type Graduate Jobs (Full-time)
Start date
Academic requirements
Level of Study
Degree Accepted


  • Operate and maintain the defined utility system to ensure constant and reliable utilities supply to the plant at all times so as to minimise disruption to the production process (e.g. boilers, nitrogen, process water, incinerators, wastewater treatment)
  • Operates all equipment and facilities in his assigned area safely and efficiently and keeps the same in good state of maintenance.
  • Performs operations safely and efficiently following local operating procedures.
  • Ensures that batch and operating log sheets are correctly recorded and complied.
  • Do routine mechanical and lubrication checks and where required, carries out early maintenance and repair using hand tools.
  • Works closely in a team, keeping close contact and in particular, highlight all items bearing on safety, quality and efficiency.
  • Communicates clearly with his colleagues and at the end of his shift, hand-over to his senior operations technician highlighting production status and any items bearing on safety, quality and efficiency.
  • Inspects and maintains house-keeping of his assigned area for clean and safe working conditions as well as ensuring that personal protection equipment, safety and fire-fighting equipment are maintained ready for use.
  • Deliver the budget targets by implementing measures to optimise boilers, maximise opportunities to reduce diesel usage & waste treatment cost.
  • Initiate, encourage and implement continuous improvement activities and implement JDI projects that lead to reduction in overall cost and improve cost effectiveness.

Qualifications preferred:

  • Diploma from Polytechnic OR Holder of ITC / NTC 2 or NTC 3 with related process plant experience
  • Boiler Attendant Class 1/2 is preferred

You will be tasked with responsibilities including but not limited to, operating and maintaing the defined utility system, operating all equipment and facilities, etc.