Melvin Yeo

Melvin Yeo

Assistant Vice President

My company and my job

Every day, I read about the changes in the financial industry to keep myself up to date on the latest changes in government policies. My role in the finance industry involves people depending on me for information. Not only do I need to meet prospective clients, I also have to be on the ball for abrupt market changes or shifts in government policy. I have to be alert for such changes at all times as it impacts the quality of my advice to clients.

How I got my job

I’ve always wanted to find out about the exact gap between middle and high net-worth families. I was exposed to how businesses worked during my time in polytechnic, while I was studying for my diploma in business. As I clearly knew what I wanted to do for a living, I was able to choose the employer with the best fit for my needs, and was able to relay my excitement for the role during the interview process.

The highs and lows

If I was asked to rate this job on how challenging it is, I would rate it 9 out of 10. However, I've always liked challenges and this job proves that anyone that puts in the right amount of effort with the right mind set can succeed. Best part about this job is the ability to have flexibility of working hours and freedom from work politics. My boss’s guidance and my potential for growth in this industry keep me motivated at work. My biggest takeaway from this industry is the relationship I built with every single client. Without this job, I would not have been open to such learning opportunities!

Training and support

I had a terrible start. I am a slow learner and there was a steep learning curve for me. I had a lot to learn and be aware of, as many financial concepts were new to me. However, I am very glad to have such patient colleagues and bosses who guided me every step of the way. They made sure that I fully understood all the concepts that were taught internally. Although I was assigned to a mentor, I had an insatiable thirst for knowledge and all my seniors eventually became my mentors. The month-long intensive in-house training and the guidance provided by my personal mentor prepared me for my new role in this company.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance in the finance industry is very hard to achieve because of the way the industry works. We have to generate reports, do our research during the day and meet clients at odd hours, usually after work. There’s never enough time in Singapore. Thus, I make it a point to spend some time either alone, with friends or my loved ones. My boss is also very understanding as he would meet me personally during his free time to educate me not just about work but to put me on the path to personal growth.

Some advice

This industry requires people who are tenacious and determined. A role in sales is not easy, as we will be faced with many rejections while gaining a foothold in this industry. Inches away from tasting the fruit, many would have already given up at the beginning of their career.

While many think that this role has the potential to earn big bucks, it is important to know that this industry is not for people who are just looking for quick cash, but for those who are committed to help clients and bring value to the society. It is vital for candidates who are interested to join this industry to possess a good learning attitude.