EP-Tec Solutions Pte Ltd

Teaching and Education

“The Productivity Technology Company”

EP-TEC Solutions is a regional organization with offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong. EP-TEC Solutions is a specialized solutions provider for educational, training and productivity technology in schools, contact centres and enterprises.

Established by IT industry veterans with the vision that technology will revolutionize the way people meet, teach, train and present computer based information. EP-TEC Solutions has brought together the world’s best multimedia based products which are designed to reduce expenses, improve communication and enhance its customer’s competitive advantage.

At EP-TEC Solutions, we believe that we have the proven capability, expertise and experience to do so. To provide solutions to our customers that work, we have a team of highly qualified, talented and dedicated staff. Our team is trained to work with customers every step of the way, from helping them to identify problems and goals to recommending and implementing solutions.

We are an Asian company and our partners know that although we have a global outlook, we have a serious commitment to focus on Asia. We think it is a winning formula – we focus on understanding and penetrating local markets and our partners focus on developing cutting-edge, innovative products.