Computers and networks are ubiquitous and embedded in things we use in our everyday lives. How do we secure our privacy and security in the face of rapid changes and time-to-market pressures? Challenges abound in cyber security today.

We are studying cyber security problems in different dimensions and we are looking for highly motivated interns to join our team to explore novel approaches to tackling them. This can include tool and technique development to analyse both source and binary programs, hardware systems, firmware components and network protocols. It will ideally lead to novel secure solutions that are cost-effective and easy to use.

The internship project may be customised to the interests and technical background of the intern.


  • Able to work and perform research independently
  • Natural curiosity in how things work under the hood
  • Passion in cyber security
  • Interest and experience in programming, especially C/C++
  • Familiarity with or experience in assembly language programming
  • Singapore citizens only
  • Not a recipient of a scholarship with a specified bond obligation