Tania Harsono

Senior, Audit

Tania graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy, with Honours) at National University of Singapore (NUS).

My company and my job

As an audit senior, I am responsible for leading my team in completing the financial audit of our clients, from planning, to audit fieldwork (where we check the accounts, and sometimes, internal controls of our clients) as well as checking of the financial statements. Being an auditor in Deloitte, I get to be exposed to work with multinational companies as well as local listed companies. My job requires me to learn fast and to be able to apply what I learn immediately.

How I got my job

I applied for this job in my final year in university. I remember feeling nervous about my interview. Hence, I did my research on what I could expect from this profession and asked myself why I wanted it. From my research, I was able to articulate why I was interested in the profession during the interview, and I think that set me apart from the rest.

The highs and lows

Working as an auditor gives me the opportunities to keep learning new things – be it new accounting standards or new clients in a different industry from what I am used to. Also, Deloitte has a very supportive and friendly culture. There are always people around to help you whenever you feel lost. We have all heard about the long working hours during audit peak period and this is one of the most challenging aspects of the job.

My happiest moment at work

The best thing about working at Deloitte is the people. Audit is about team work. We always have our teammates and managers to consult with. When my managers are away or unable to answer my questions, I have my peers or seniors who would be willing to help.

Training and support

Deloitte has a structured training programme for all audit professionals. On top of the annual week-long training where we learn about our responsibilities as we progress to the next level, Deloitte also provides additional training sessions on the new accounting or auditing standards. As a professional, these training sessions are important to keep us relevant with the most up-to-date information in the industry.

Other than the formal training programme, each of us is assigned a mentor manager who can guide us in our role. Each audit staff also belongs to a mentor group which consists of a mentor partner, a few mentor managers and their mentees. The mentor groups initiate meet-ups every month to do an activity together. This allows us to bond as a group and they have become my support group in the firm.

Work-life balance

Although you should expect to work long hours in audit during the peak period, the firm organises social activities for staff to enjoy and unwind. Other than the monthly mentor group gatherings, we also have annual audit off-peak party, Deloitte carnival and Inter-Departmental Games. These activities allow me to form friendships with my peers and even my managers.

Some advice

Keep a positive and inquisitive mind; and take ownership of your career. Audit is not the easiest job, but my experience in Deloitte shows that it can be rewarding in terms of the learning experience as well as the bonds formed with my peers and even clients.