Jayner Tan

Consultant, Enterprise Risk Services

Jayner graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Information Systems Management) at Singapore Management University (SMU).

My company and my job

In Enterprise Risk Services (ERS), we provide advisory services to clients, helping them to better understand their risk exposure as well as manage risks to maximise their enterprise value. My day-to-day responsibilities vary, depending on the projects I am undertaking. Our services may be provided as part of an audit of financial statements or individual projects resulting from major organisational changes, implementation of new technologies and also various independent risk assessments in accordance with accepted standards. In a nutshell, we support our clients and gain assurance over financial, system and operational internal controls.

How I got my job

The ERS department was looking for interns and at that point of time, I graduated one semester earlier than my peers and decided to apply for a full time role. I think I had an outgoing personality and quite a bit of work experience prior to this first job, which made me stand out from the rest.

The highs and lows

I enjoy my job because I get to learn so much! This includes in-depth understanding of different organisations and how they function, which helps me understand businesses better and think commercially. The challenging aspects of my job is the high demand of technical knowledge required. Not many lows other than rushing for reporting deadlines because I work together with a great team of people in Deloitte, which keeps me motivated in my job.

My happiest moment at work

Other than getting promoted, I believe it’s the celebration at the end of every project. One of the happiest moments is when you get to travel overseas for work engagement!

Training and support

Deloitte ERS provides different types of training related to our scope of work to help guide us into our roles. We also conduct round-table sharing sessions occasionally to share our thoughts to help one another learn and improve. Each of us are assigned a counsellor, and together with the project managers and seniors, they oversee what we are doing and also guide us.

Work-life balance

My official working hours is 8.30am to 5.30pm. I try to come to work earlier some days so I can complete my work on time. Over the years, I have learnt that having good time management is essential as we are usually on multiple engagements simultaneously. It is important to prioritise!

At Deloitte, we work hard and play hard. The firm recognises our well-being and encourages work-life balance, organising a wide range of social events and also getting us involved in voluntary work to make a positive impact on our society.

Some advice

Go for it! You never know until you have tried it. It is great to seek a career at Deloitte, which is an established professional services firm with big opportunities and a network of talented professionals from all around the world to support you. Just remember to keep a positive attitude to learn and ask questions!