Brynner Loke

Business Tax Senior Associate

Brynner graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Accounting and Finance) at University of London. He is also an Accredited Tax Practitioner (Income Tax) with Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals Limited (SIATP).

My company and my job

I work in a Business Tax team providing tax compliance and advisory services to a mix portfolio of corporate and individual clients. My responsibilities include preparation of tax computations, tax returns and assistance in dispute resolution with the tax authorities. I am also part of the tax technical team that provides updates and analysis on prevailing tax matters to the tax department.

How I got my job 

I managed to secure an interview after a manager from my previous job recommended me to a tax manager in Deloitte. They assess your English writing skills through an essay question before the interview. I waited for a week or so after my interview, and received the news that I had been offered the job.

The highs and lows 

I have great colleagues who are always ready to help each another, which is very important when we come across a difficult case or when we are working with tight deadlines.

Tax laws and regimes are always changing and evolving, thus we need to constantly stay abreast of the latest updates to better serve our clients. 

My happiest moment at work 

I was awarded the “Tax Employee Outstanding Performance Award” in 2013, 2014 and 2015 for my well-rounded performance both in and out of work. Also, I started the Dragon Boat team in Deloitte in 2014, and we went on to compete in our first Dragon Boat race in that same year.

Training and support

Each of us is assigned a mentor and buddy when we join the firm, who guide and help us. The firm has mandatory tax trainings on various topics internally and will send us for tax academy (by IRAS) training after a couple of years on the job.

Work-life balance 

The firm provides numerous avenues for us to get involved in sports and community. I attend Deloitte Dragon Boat training every Saturday to keep fit and get some Vitamin D. Also, I take part in IMPACT Day, our annual firm-wide volunteer event, getting involved in activities such as distributing food to the elderly. It’s a great way for us to get involve amidst our busy work schedules.

Some advice 

If you enjoy a challenging career, join tax!