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Intern (International Cyber Policy)

What the role is

International Cyber Policy Intern - Developing a Mock Code of Conduct for Cyberspace

What you will be working on

With the rapid adoption of digitalisation over the last few years, we have also seen an increase in cyber-attacks. These attacks are inherently transnational and have grown in sophistication and scale. Moreover, cyber-attacks are evolving to increasingly have real-world, physical impact. In view of the prevailing cyber threat landscape, it is paramount that the international community is guided by “rules of the road” for responsible behaviour in cyberspace. To this end, the intern will be tasked to develop a mock Code of Conduct (COC) for Cyberspace for adoption at the UN.

The intern should draw his/her research from the following amongst others:

  • Consensus reports/Statements of key international cyber/digital platforms (eg. UNGGE, OEWG, Paris Peace Forum, IGF)
  • Literature on key cyber/digital security issues such as supply chain, ransomware, protection of Critical information infrastructure, public attribution, data security etc.
  • Existing examples of COCs or similar constructs that have been or are being negotiated (eg. ASEAN’s COC on the South China Sea, UNCLOS)
  • Public documents on countries’ position on cybersecurity issues (e.g. national strategy, position papers)
  • Develop a COC for Cyberspace and present the project to CSA/MCI Senior Management Team
  • The presentation could outline the following:
  1. What is a COC (briefly)
  2. How is a COC for cyberspace different from COCs of other domains/ applicable takeaway from existing COCs for a COC for cyberspace
  3. Content of mock COC for cyberspace
  • Conduct ad-hoc research on cyber/digital security threats (eg. Geopolitical contestation in cyberspace, Emerging and Critical technology, data security, international law in cyberspace
  • Observe high-level multilateral and bilateral meetings
  • Assist with administrative duties

What we are looking for

  • Subject knowledge in the field of cybersecurity is preferred but not mandatory
  • Subject knowledge in humanities field preferred
  • Good verbal, writing and organisational skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite

A background in public policy and global affairs or related will be advantageous.

Penultimate or final year university students preferred.

Minimum commitment of 3 months.