Darryl Wong

Darryl Wong

Co-Founder of Daisy Accountants

Motivations for taking up the CPA Australia’s CPA Program 

My main motivations for taking up the CPA Program were to gain competency and get recognised. A professional qualification helps to win the trust of clients. In a complicated and fast-moving world, clients are assured to have an accountant for advice. 

Real-world applications 

The CPA Program comprises both academic and experience components. Through modules, competencies are gained, allowing accounting professionals to grow confidently. The experience component, on the other hand, requires candidates to accummulate three years of accounting-related work. 

It allowed me to apply all that I learned in the modules to real-life cases. In the real world, the balance sheet always balances, and there is not one thing that cannot be understood when you are determined to pursue it. 

Starting an accounting consulting firm 

Completing the programme instilled in me a sense of constant self-improvement through reading and interpreting of authoritative literature such as the Financial Reporting Standards, Standards on Auditing and Companies Act. 

As an owner of a consulting firm now, when faced with questions and no answers, the standards have proved time and again to be reliable sources of information. 

At Daisy Accountants, I look after business development other than my duties as an accountant. The practical experience gained while pursuing the CPA Program proved invaluable when it comes to managing clients and projects. There are many little tips and tricks that no textbook can teach, but can be learned through practical experience. 

Studying part-time while working 

I found that taking a module for each semester is a very manageable pace for completing the professional qualification. One must have the discipline to plan, priortise and set aside time to study, especially on weekends. Practising the questions on the textbook and the CPA Online Learning Portal allowed me to grasp the concepts effectively and quickly. 

Advice for graduates considering a move into accounting 

There is no substitute for obtaining CPA status and practical experience to help you in your career. Please pursue your professional qualification as soon as you can, as some who adopt a wait-and-see attitude later regret their decision. 

Three years is a long time for an early career professional. The sooner you complete the CPA Program, the earlier you get to benefit from it in your career. In fact, you will start to feel the boost once you start to gain competency in the process of studying and working while on the programme. 

To provide professional services independently to companies, you need at least four years of experience serving clients in a professional firm. 

When servicing clients and facing management, the journey is seldom smooth. The saying that rough seas make better sailors applies. Show some grit, and you will prevail.