May Koh

May Koh

Graduate Analyst

My company and my job

My first year with Cognizant gave me the opportunity to interact with both internal and external stakeholders from various countries. I support the Life Sciences and Retail arm for research, operations, proposals and pre-sales. My recent experience with a client as a product manager for South East Asia required me to work with multiple stakeholders to ensure smooth product launches before the end of the year. I manage the sourcing and maintenance of accurate and current product catalog data for internal and external consumer use. My responsibilities include sourcing, communicating, and analysing the system adoption rate, as well as presenting the findings and next steps to the system team.

How I got my job

The interview consisted of two rounds with the HR and hiring teams respectively. The first round with the HR team helped identify the role I was best suited for based on my experience. The second round with the hiring team ensured I was the right fit. What set me apart from the other candidates was my experience working with people from diverse backgrounds during my university days and my willingness to learn.

The highs and lows

It is very encouraging to be able to work closely with people who are helpful as well as supportive. One of the most challenging aspects of my job is managing multiple project timelines simultaneously as I work with stakeholders with different schedules to provide the required content on time. Hence, being able to manage timeline risk is important. My biggest achievement so far was the research and presentation I did during my first year with Cognizant, where I presented to the CIO of the biggest casino in the Philippines. He also gave me feedback that he intends to implement some of the proposed features down the development roadmap.

Training and support

I received on-the-job training for a few months and also guidance from my co-workers when I was still new in the team. My mentor connects with me via a bi-weekly call for updates and addresses the challenges I face at work.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance is good! As long as you deliver results, work-life balance will not be a problem. Our usual office hours are from 8.30 am to 6 pm. However, there are occasional night calls with the US to communicate with various stakeholders and clients. Culture and environment-wise it’s friendly and flexible.

Some advice

A mindset steered towards growth and the willingness to learn are important. Knowledge is the new currency in the corporate world.