Aviation does not sleep. Globally, aircraft fly in synchrony, thanks to international safety standards developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). If the aviation system were an orchestra, your role as a manager in the Regulatory Development team will be to harmoniously arrange the various pieces, in the form of safety policies and regulations, while upholding the structure of the symphony and sustaining resonance with the international aviation community. You will be highly challenged in this job: how will you adapt the traditional safety regulatory framework to be ready for the latest trends, business models and technological advancements, such as unmanned aircraft? Your work will play an important role in ensuring high safety standards while enabling the growth of our industry.

During the course of work, you can expect to interact with experts and partners in the aviation industry, and related government agencies. Depending on your specialisation area, there may be opportunities to represent Singapore on various international and regional fora, to shape international aviation safety standards and drive regional safety initiatives in collaboration with ICAO and other international partners.


  • Trained in a technical field (e.g. Engineering, Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering, Material Science, Software Development)
  • Good analytical skills with a keen eye for details
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good team player who is able to build strong relationships
  • Knowledge and experience in Singapore’s legal framework or understanding of the Chicago Convention and its Annexes
  • Strong interest and experiences in aviation operations (flight, maintenance, aerodrome or air navigation) or policy development in the public sector