Tan Yang Jie

Tan Yang Jie

Management Associate

Why did you choose your particular career?

I studied accountancy in university and did prior internships in audit, corporate finance and in policy making. However, I decided to enter the banking industry as I believe that it is a rewarding career which not only allows me to develop my analytical, leadership and interpersonal skills but also allows me to gain satisfaction from providing high value-added services to clients.

Why did you choose your current employer?

I wanted to build a career in a company that allows me to constantly grow and challenge myself. Citi is well-known for being a people developer and a good platform for career mobility. In addition, I was interested in joining Citi’s Management Associate (MA) programme because it is one of the most established leadership programmes in the industry with a strong track record of producing dynamic leaders in the financial sector, and also provides programme participants with broad exposure and an accelerated career development path.

What does your current job involve?

The Citi MA programme has allowed me to take on different roles in the bank and provided extensive learning opportunities for me to gain exposure across the front, middle, and back office functions across the franchise. Currently, I am a client sales manager in Citi Transaction Services (CTS), where I work with a myriad of corporate clients from government, multi-national and local organisations to identify their cash management and trade needs and to structure suitable banking solutions.

This is a challenging and interesting role as I get to interact frequently with the Chief Financial Officers and Treasury teams from these corporate clients. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to help them tailor customised and holistic solutions to address their banking needs.

How did you get the job?

The recruitment process for the Citi MA programme was a rigorous 6-stage process consisting of interviews with HR, a group case study presentation, two interviews with business line managers, and a final interview with Citi’s senior management.

I believe the key to doing well in the Citi interviews is to be well-prepared, demonstrate drive, motivation, resilience, and a propensity to learn. Most importantly, just be yourself.

What makes you good at your job?

I believe that my achievements in my current job scope are not my own, but achieved through working with great teammates and having supportive superiors. Citi has a very strong collaborative culture and we work very closely to come up with the necessary solutions to meet our clients’ needs.  We work hard together but we also take time to play hard and to celebrate achievements as a team.

What is your advice to students who wish to have the same job like you? 

My advice would be for students to take on leadership roles in their CCAs/community initiatives throughout their academic journey. They should also be innovative, willing to think outside the box, be a good team player, and display a positive working attitude.

Citi also conducts various student engagement programmes such as the Citi Banking 101 Foundation programme, Citi Student Mentoring programme and Citi Associates Internship programmes. These are good avenues to engage with Citibankers early to learn more about Citi and banking in general, which would give the students a good head-start towards building a career in banking in future.