Yiping Citadel Securities
A day in the life of…

Yiping, Quantitative Researcher, Systematic Equities Team

Yiping obtained her Master in Computer Science from Tsinghua University, and her Bachelor in Computer Science from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.


On a typical day, I wake up at 7:30AM and quickly check my email inbox to see if there are any notable issues. As a Quantitative Researcher in the Systematic Equities Team, production issues always take first priority.


I arrive at the office at around 8:30AM and enjoy a hearty breakfast that is available at the office.

After that, I go into my email inbox again to first make sure that all production-related jobs are running smoothly. I’ll also check non-production daily jobs and read reports including production trading reports and market analysis reports, to name a few. This way, I can assess whether production trading is performing as expected and get a better sense of our strategy and the market.


Before the market opens, I check my to-do list and make a plan for the day. We usually monitor production trading when the market opens and make sure it trades as expected. Following that, I shift my focus to Asia market monetisation and research.


Our company offers many options for lunch, and my colleagues and I typically have lunch together. This break and conversation offers a good opportunity to learn something new about Hong Kong through different cultures and perspectives.


Citadel Securities has a highly collaborative culture. Quantitative Researchers are encouraged to problem-solve outside the core research team. Thus, there are often discussions and meetings with our team members and traders in the afternoon in order to address issues and share ideas about new projects.

We are constantly evolving and iterating on ideas to ride on market trends as well as passionately pursuing new concepts, innovations and new strategies that will strengthen our competitive advantage.

I’ll also meet with my manager to discuss project updates as well as any outstanding issues that I might have encountered. On a lighter note, our company offers a great variety of snacks – I like to have snacks and fruit at about 4:30PM during my short break.


I usually aim to do some form of exercise, such as running, before dinner. Keeping healthy is important to me so that I can perform and feel my best. After dinner, I will usually work for a while because it is quiet and I am highly efficient at night.