Job Description:

As our User Research Specialist in the Ecosystem team, you will be given a unique opportunity to work closely with the General Manager of New Business whom is responsible for creating new businesses and verticals within Circles.Life. You would be the one crafting and asking customers meaningful questions, all to empower business visibility on making decisions. 

Ideally, you should possess superior people skills, energy, drive and attention, while being a team player with a forward-thinking mindset. You would have strong design thinking skills, research skills, and a strong ability to connect and understand people.

As a key member of our team:

  • You will be leading the initial customer validation of new ideas and concepts through a design thinking process. You will be physically going out onto the streets to understand customers, develop their empathy maps and personas.  
  • You will be working with design teams to rapidly prototype and validate solutions using pen and paper solutions, prototypes, etc.
  • You will be working development teams and business leaders to understand customer problems and needs. 
  • Translate business goals and objectives into appropriate product requirements and research artifacts
  • Develop interview scripts, write and manage surveys, perform 1-on-1 & group interviews, and record qualitative data
  • Build relationships with customers and customer-facing teams for active research studies
  • Take ownership over customer research and customer validation, analyzing qualitative feedback with a strong ability to synthesize the data collected
  • Contribute to workshops and design sprints with the goal of educating and transforming the culture towards user-centered design and development
  • Support usability testing to validate designs
  • Establish standards and best practices that lead to improving the end-user's interactions with our products
  • Practice Human-Centered Design methodologies
  • Coaching and training the teams with human-centred tools, philosophies and mindsets
  • Contributing to business development, team building and strategic initiatives as we continue to grow and develop the business


Must Have

  • Degree in social or cognitive science (e.g., psychology,sociology), or in a field of science related to HCI (e.g., information systems)
  • Experience in Design Thinking, Human Centered Design and Problem Identification 
  • Previous experience working within an Agency
  • Familiarity with UX/ usability research and methods
  • Experience with Research Operations or Participant Recruiting teams
  • Proven track record of collaborating with cross-functional groups to produce results
  • Experience engaging directly with customers
  • Proven track record of breaking down processes and identifying pain points in order to deliver business improvements
  • Experience scaling operations in a business environment
  • Strong analytical skills.