Consumer Goods and FMCG

With our game-changing digital products and leading no contract data focused mobile plans, we're bringing a whole new experience to the digital consumer market. Our mission is to re-imagine the mobile experience for the digital consumer and to disrupt the multi-trillion global telco industry.

Giving power back to the customer

For us, it’s all about the customer. We've built an end-to-end and fully integrated digital user journey where our customers enjoy a seamless experience at every stage. Customers are empowered to manage and design their own mobile plan to best fit their needs.

Leading innovation in digital services

Circles.Life was born from the ambition of three friends. They discovered that like them, many couldn't find a tech company that offered services catering to their mobile needs, so they decided to come together to create a revolutionary digital services experience, ranging from telco to data and ecosystem products.

Circles X, our game-changing cloud-based technology platform, was built from the ground up. With this technology, we're able to rapidly implement innovative products, bringing them to our customers in an instant.