• Assume command and control of operations at an aircraft incident/accident site
  • Ensure first response to all emergencies including chemical, biological and radiological threats, hazardous materials incidents and structural fires in buildings
  • Assess priorities (life safety, incident stabilisation, property conservation, etc) to determine the strategy and tactics to be used in mitigation of incident/accident
  • Support coordination of tactical multi-agency response during a crisis
  • Plan and maintain the operational effectiveness of the unit under his/her charge
  • Ensure appropriate operational standards, procedures and operating practices are established and maintained
  • Set direction for the unit, with specific focus on the performance, development and training of the people under his/her charge


  • A good university degree
  • Physically and medically fit with good eyesight in order to lead team of emergency officers to respond and mitigate emergencies at the aerodrome
  • Composed under pressure, possess clarity of thought and an analytical mind
  • 2 - 3 years of relevant leadership experience in emergency response, crisis management and/or emergency planning/business continuity policy will be  preferred; fresh graduates with strong CCA records in leadership roles are encouraged to apply
  • Excel in leadership and possess skills in people management especially in training, career development and succession planning
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills to build and maintain rapport with internal and external customers
  • Willing to perform shift duties