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Airside Duty Officer

Changi Airport Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd (CAG) manages Changi Airport in all functions covering airport operations and its management, air hub development, commercial activities and airport emergency services. The Airside Operations unit is critical to manage the safety, capacity and efficiency of our airfield: our runways, taxiways and apron.

You will be part of a multi-skilled team on shift, trained to manage the real-time airside operations balancing safety, capacity and efficiency. You are responsible for overseeing the end-to-end operational processes from runway and taxiway management, apron management to airside resource allocation. This includes planning for optimal operations across these areas, proactively managing any operational disruptions, ensuring all our airside assets are safe and operational.

Should there be any safety incidents at the runways, taxiways or apron, you will be the first line of response to manage the incident and to coordinate the return to normal operations.


Runway and Taxiway Management

You will be managing the operation of the most critical assets of an airport: the runways and taxiways. Your goal is to ensure uninterrupted and resilient operations. You will be trained to independently undertake duties and inspections within the immediate environment, including systems and/or wildlife hazards, to ensure the infrastructure is safe for operations.

You will also oversee work activities on the runways and taxiways, and coordinate required closures and safe reopening with Air Traffic Control and the work parties.


Airside Flow Management

You will oversee the allocation of our resources to optimise our aircraft stand and gate planning. With access to real-time overview of the aerodrome, you will actively balance considerations/trade-offs such as stand compatibility (with aircraft type), flight schedules, terminal operations, ongoing construction/upgrading works, etc and be prepared to make prompt changes to manage capacity issues as appropriate, in the best interest of the entire airport.

You will actively work with internal and external stakeholders to monitor on-ground situations, and to coordinate follow-ups to operational incidents/issues.


Apron Management

You will be responsible for the safety and efficiency of operations on the apron. To do that, you will be trained to independently undertake duties and inspections to ensure serviceability of our airport infrastructure, and actively engage ground service providers to promote safe work behaviours.

While on duty, you are expected to maintain full situational awareness of operations within the apron, and actively collaborate with stakeholders to optimise the handling of aircraft turnaround process.



  • Degree / Diploma in any discipline, preferably with an interest in aviation.
  • Medically fit to work on 24/7 rotating shifts.
  • Able to multi-task and make decisions under pressure.
  • Strong people management and communication skills with the ability to collaborate with both internal and external partners.
  • Possession of a Class 3 driving license.