Sandra Wong

Sandra Wong

Senior Associate, Landside Concessions

My company and my job

Changi Airport Group (CAG) manages Changi Airport, the world’s most awarded airport. CAG is a dynamic place to work in, a great place to develop a career in and to meet amazing people.

My job

My job scope revolves around the leasing and operations of the Food & Beverage outlets in Terminal 3, Public Area. Every day, my work starts off with meeting tenants to attend to any operational needs that they may have. We work with various stakeholders, both internally and externally, to provide our passengers with the best Changi Experience when they dine with us. On top of managing operations, we have to ensure that we conduct timely leasing exercises.

How I got my job

It was definitely not an easy interview process! However, the interviewers were there to help and guide me along the interview. As someone whose first job was in the travel retail industry, I understood the business climate of the airport and how Changi Airport operates as a landlord. That might have set me apart from the rest. I believe CAG is constantly on the lookout for individuals who are able to bring fresh, new perspectives to the company.

My happiest moment at work

One of the most memorable projects I have worked on was the nanoblock outpost museum! That was the first time that Changi Airport ran an outpost retail space, which means we had to oversee the management of the retail space, including supply chain, inventory movements and operations. This project was also the first ever pop-up nanoblock museum outside of Japan! I cannot be any happier to have been part of the team in making this event a success! 

Some advice

Do ensure you know what is required for the position you are applying for. It is always good to read industry-related news to keep yourself updated on the challenges that the market is currently facing. Be confident and ask questions regarding the position during the interview as the interviewers are always open to hearing your questions. Remember, there is no such thing as a wrong question.