Eileen Hoe

Eileen Hoe

Senior Associate, Facilities Management

My company and my job

I am part of the Facilities Management (FM) team under Airport Operations Management. The role of FM is to manage the environment of the airport and to provide a comfortable place for our passengers and the airport community.

We take a holistic approach to constantly improve our airport service standards by monitoring service feedbacks given by various stakeholders. We oversee key services such as housekeeping, building maintenance, and pest management. We also undertake the maintenance of facilities throughout the airport and look at ways to improve and refine our operational standards.

How I got my job

I had two rounds of interviews, which was made memorable by the interview panel as they were equally as interested in understanding my personal traits as they were in my previous work experiences. To me, this shows that Changi is always on the lookout for people from different walks of life to enhance the Changi Experience.

The highs and lows

I am motivated by the high scores that we achieve for Airport Service Quality Survey, especially when we rank above other airports, and am proud to be part of this collective team who works together towards this achievement. However, managing different stakeholders can be a challenge, especially when a project involves a lot of coordination between internal and external parties as there is the need to balance the interests of all parties.

My happiest moment at work

Recently, I was given the opportunity to oversee the deployment of robotic litter bins at Terminal 3, where a text message will be sent to alert the respective zone cleaning leaders when the bins are full. This, in turn, saves cost and frees up time for the cleaning team to attend to other duties.

Training and support

CAG places great focus on their people and their career development. We are often encouraged to plan and attend training courses that can either help us to further enhance our airport operations knowledge, or to develop new soft skills as part of our personal development.

Work-life balance

I keep myself active through regular sports and exercise. Apart from going to the gym, I attend regular workout sessions, such as yoga at the airport’s recreational club. I also build rapport with many CAG colleagues through weekly badminton/table tennis sessions. By keeping myself fit, I am able to perform better at work and to spend quality time with my family on my non-shift days.

Some advice

In order to succeed in one’s career, it takes both patience and determination. We need to garner experience and find our passion and strengths. With me, you will be able to carve your own career path. Once you know what you want, set your mind towards accomplishing your goals and strive to do the best within your capabilities.