Darren Wong

Darren Wong

Manager, Departure Experience

Darren graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in Political Science at National University of Singapore (NUS)

My company and my job

As the operator of Changi Airport, Changi Airport Group (CAG) oversees its many functions and operations, such as terminal and airside operations, retail and F&B management, engineering and maintenance, as well as aircraft rescue and fire-fighting functions.

I am in the Departure Experience team, and we seek to rethink processes of our passengers’ departing journey to deliver a better Changi Experience every time they fly. A major project that we’re working on now is automation, where we partner airlines to introduce self-service check-in kiosks, bag-drops, self-boarding gates, and other related technology.

How I got my job

I started as an intern under CAG’s Talent Internship Programme (TIP) and was fortunate to be offered a full-time position. Under the TIP, we were assigned individual projects and had to present our work to the senior management thereafter.

I was given the interesting task of studying the operational and financial feasibility of on-site emergency medical services at the Seletar Airport. The final presentation was definitely no easy task, but the opportunity to learn more about CAG and its culture provided me with greater clarity on the career direction that I would like to pursue.

The highs and lows

As a full-time staff, I have the opportunity to be involved in a project from the conceptualisation and design phase, to the conducting of the trials, and to the final roll-out of the product. I enjoy being fully immersed in my projects as it lets me experience the various facets of work.

It can be challenging being a fresh graduate without much prior experience, but the upside is that you get to cultivate useful and valuable proficiencies in multiple areas over time. The sense of ownership and satisfaction that I derive from my work also becomes the fuel that keeps me going everyday!

My happiest moment at work

My colleagues make day-to-day work fun! CAG places great emphasis on hiring people who share the same values, are equally driven, and are a good fit for the role. This combination helps set the stage for a great working and personal relationships.

Training and support

The company sends us to various aviation conferences and airport expos, both local and international. It allows us to have greater exposure and to gain technical know-how of the latest trends in the industry. We also attend courses to develop a range of soft skills, such as leadership, people management programmes, and even advanced Microsoft Excel!

Work-life balance

I believe work-life balance is very much determined by the individual. Work is never-ending, and it’s important to learn to prioritise and to manage your time. Setting aside time for rest and leisure is just as important to ensure that you stay refreshed.

Some advice

Regardless of your role, you should have the heart to serve the people and the drive to achieve excellence. As part of CAG, your work has an impact on how people feel and perceive Singapore. Hence, we will continue to push boundaries and provide only the very best for our passengers!