Matthew Fitch

Matthew Fitch

Associate Director, Talent Acquisition
Matthew graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) at Bournemouth University.

As an Associate Director for Talent Acquisition, my role is to bring the best possible talent into the company, either in our HQ in Singapore or in the different countries where we are building new businesses.

Our team recruit individuals into leadership positions to help the new businesses grow as quickly as possible. I search for people with the right skills for our company as well as those who can match our culture and values. After identifying the suitable candidates, I bring them on board and ensure that they integrate into the company seamlessly.

As a company that is growing rapidly, it is important to place importance on the quality and calibre of new hires as they add quantifiable value to the organisation. In this growing company, there is a mutual understanding amongst everyone to deliver the best results for the company.

I was keen to take on a vibrant role in a dynamic company as there will always be plenty of value to add and aid my personal growth. They provided me with an opportunity to take on a global role and that is exactly the kind of challenge I am looking for.

Happiest moments

My happiest moments are when I have been able to find candidates to fill key leadership positions that can help the company to fulfil its growth strategy. As one of Asia’s largest corporations, expectations placed on new hires are high. So it is a great feeling when we find the right person and manage to secure them. 

Outside of the office, my happiest moment so far was running a half-marathon in Singapore with around 20 colleagues and a team of supporters. The team spirit and friendly competition amongst the runners, along with the fantastic support from the spectators made it a wonderful event to take part in, demonstrating great spirit within the company.

Sharing culture

There is a strong sharing culture amongst the staff within CFLD International – even between people in different departments. As a new office, there is a strong sense of camaraderie. Each team is expected to achieve great things and because of that, there is a willingness to share information and to help each other; especially with newcomers. We always work together to achieve our common objectives.

Often, we have different teams pooling resources to work together on the same project and as a result, a united mindset is formed. News of successful projects get spread around quickly through the organisation and we are quick to offer heartfelt encouragement to celebrate the success of other teams.

As our name suggests, CFLD international has offices all over the globe. Most of the time, projects involve collaborating across multiple time zones. But our colleagues are always accessible, sharing answers whenever they can to lend a helping hand, even if it goes beyond their job scope.

In this growing company, there is a mutual understanding amongst everyone to deliver the best results for the company. Our senior leaders also work closely with staff by making themselves available to offer guidance and advice when required. This open and direct style of interaction facilitates collaborations so that we can deliver sterling results.