Jason Chen

Jason Chen

Senior Legal Director
Jason Chen graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Jurisprudence) from University of Oxford.

Since July 2016, I have been part of CFLD’s Singapore HQ legal team as a Senior Legal Director. My key job focus is on transactional work in emerging markets. As CFLD International is currently entering new markets, a significant amount of my time is spent on:

  1. Reviewing day-to-day operational contracts,
  2. Recruiting and integrating new members,
  3. Implementing good practices for projects, and
  4. Establishing connections with leading legal service providers.

I also get to work closely with governments and large real estate companies from major emerging markets across the world. Additionally, given the company’s constant state of growth, everyone has a say in shaping the work and social culture of the organisation.

Happiest moments

Work-wise, when we successfully close a major transaction, the team always makes it a point to celebrate after having worked through countless late nights together on the project. Outside of work, we have regular evening football sessions as we find it to be a great way to bond with each other.

Requirements of the role

Due to the international nature of the company, your job scope and working environment can vary greatly from day-to-day. As you work on projects based in different countries, you will need to be able to function seamlessly while travelling across numerous time zones and to adjust quickly to the nuances in varying cultures. Project management and coordination skills are also essential for the role.

Step out of your comfort zone

You are also expected to be able to stretch yourselves beyond your comfort zone here at CFLD. Our legal team, for instance, often participates in meetings with external advisors who come from different backgrounds, such as tax advisors, management & market consultants, and planning & design companies.

Internally, there is also an active cross-pollination of ideas amongst the different teams (for example, the legal, tax, finance, investment and business teams). Everyone attends each meeting with the mutual respect and understanding that our different experiences allows us to bring something constructive and unique to the discussion.

There is no shortage of challenges in CFLD that take you outside of your comfort zone. By embracing uncharted territories, you eventually deepen your wealth of experience and broaden your comfort zone.