Dongqi Cheng (Joy)

Dongqi Cheng (Joy)

Urban Planner
Joy graduated with Master's Urban Planning at University of Pennsylvania.

Having studied city planning in university, my dream is to develop livable spaces. Upon graduation, I wanted a job that was meaningful and CFLD International matches this perfectly. They have shown on many occasions that they value my contributions and have trust in my abilities. The company has provided me with a great platform to work with brilliant people and to express my ideas.

My job at CFLD International is multi-faceted. I oversee the operations, administrative and R&D aspects for business development in Thailand and Myanmar. In this position, I help expand the company’s footprint in Southeast Asia by determining development possibilities such as industry cities, science parks or healthcare facilities in our entrant markets.

These massive development undertakings require extensive planning and research before we can begin construction. As a result, we have to do feasibility studies, land surveys, economic, political and real estate analyses before recommending viable business strategies.

After the groundwork has been laid proper, my role is to then organise the resources so that the master planning for the projects can go off without a hitch. This is done by building and maintaining a strong network with all the stakeholders involved, such as governments, potential local partners and other relevant agencies.

Happiest moments

I was working on a project for the Thai ambassador to China and our team had spent two weeks preparing a proposal for him. Eventually, we were able to successfully invite the other ambassadors of the ASEAN countries to visit our office and view our model project.

As a result of that visit, CFLD International decided to organise a two-day company visit for the ten ASEAN ambassadors. With efficient planning, we managed to plan their itinerary within one week. The visit went well and on the night of our event, the international organising team got together and had celebratory drinks. That was a truly memorable and happy moment for me.


CFLD International hires people from diverse professional backgrounds. It is fascinating to work with them and approach one challenge from many different perspectives. For instance, we have colleagues who come from the top tech, consulting and design firms from all over the world.

We even have colleagues who have worked in challenging environments such as Afghanistan and Iraq. It is fascinating to work with them and to approach challenges from many different perspectives.

In addition, CFLD International has a strong global presence across the world. In each of our markets, we have local employees and partners.

I have had the privilege to work with people from countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and America. Through these interactions, I was given a glimpse into another culture, allowing me to gain new experiences and to pick up on cultural nuances. At CFLD International, we have great respect for everyone regardless of their background or culture.