CFLD International

Civil and Structural Engineering Construction and Building Services Property and Real Estate

CFLD International is one of Asia’s Top 50 Listed Companies* and an international leader in providing integrated urban developments. The company focuses on early stage investment of infrastructure, development and operation of new industry cities in key markets across Asia, Europe, North America and Africa. It adopts the PPP model and possesses a successful track record when working with governments and its investment partners. CFLD International currently has an extensive portfolio consisting of more than 60 new industry city developments, and a strong global presence across fourteen countries, namely Singapore, China, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, the United States of America, Egypt, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, Germany, Finland, and South Korea. As of December 2016, the company’s sales revenue has reached USD17.2 billion dollars and its total assets have exceeded USD32 billion dollars. 

*Ranked no.10 in Asia’s Top 50 Listed Companies List, Forbes, 2015