Dawn Lazaroo

Dawn Lazaroo

Manager (Policy)

My company and my job

As an officer in the Policy Department, my responsibilities include working closely with colleagues in other departments and Ministries to develop policy proposals and review policies which help improve the retirement adequacy of Singaporeans. Day-to-day work can vary as different skills are required at various stages of a policy review, from doing ground research and analysing data, to crafting clear policy papers and packaging convincing presentations to senior management.

How I got my job

I had actually gone into my interview expecting the first question to be the typical “Tell us more about yourself!”, but got thrown into the deep end when they immediately asked me what I would change about the CPF system. It definitely helped that I had done my research beforehand, but I think what clinched the job for me was the ability to think on my feet and generate logical ideas and suggestions on the spot.

The highs and lows

The working environment can be pretty fast-paced, which makes work days exciting! On the flip side, this means that you have to be prepared for last-minute changes and requests. Inevitably, I’ve made a few mistakes along the way, but I see them as learning opportunities and reminders to do better next time.

My happiest moment at work

I am happy when projects that I have worked on benefit members of the public directly. A recent example was the implementation of the CPF Advisory Panel recommendations which gave members more flexibility in their retirement payout options. It was a team effort spanning several departments, and we all worked closely to see the changes through.

Training and support

Besides the induction briefings which were instrumental in giving us a better understanding of our role as a “CPF Ambassador”, what really helped me ease into the job role was having a buddy! Since my buddy had gone through the same process herself not too long ago, she gave me useful advice which helped me adapt to the working environment more quickly, such as where the nice lunch spots were, and the working styles of the different bosses. My bosses were also more than willing to answer questions and offer guidance.

Work-life balance

There may be days when you have to stay in office till after the sun sets (on the bright side, the office offers a great sunset view). But CPFB is far from an “all work, no play” organisation. There are events organised throughout the year to encourage both inter- and intra-department bonding. One memorable event was our recent charity bazaar, where my department colleagues and I spent many a break time folding boxes and preparing chocolates, cookies and cards for sale to raise funds for our adopted charity. We all smelled like chocolate by the end of the day but it was for a worthwhile cause! Other than events, CPFB also organises regular sports activities and I particularly enjoy going for Pilates classes to loosen up after a long day at work.

Some advice

If you enjoy working in a team to make a difference in the lives of fellow Singaporeans, and can stay open-minded and positive in the face of challenges, you will find CPFB a fulfilling place to work at.