Cheng Min Yi

Cheng Min Yi

Research Analyst

My company and my job

I am currently working at the Retirement and Health Study Office of the CPF Board. The Retirement and Health Study is an integrated and multi-disciplinary longitudinal study on the changing health and retirement landscape in Singapore. My day-to-day responsibilities as a Data Management team member include analysing data anomalies in the longitudinal data, formulate and apply suitable data edits for the data variables and conduct imputation for missing responses, to improve data quality and facilitate analysis for policy reviews.

How I got my job

After my graduation in 2014, my friend from university introduced me to a temporary position in the department. I gladly took up the job as it was a good learning opportunity. At that time, the department was expanding. They found me to be a suitable candidate to fill one of its new positions and the job scope also matched my interest. While my good performance and positive attitude during the temporary stint were key factors in securing me an official position with the Board, the Board’s friendly culture attracted me to join.

The highs and lows

The interesting part of my job is analysing and resolving the different data anomalies arising from the wide spectrum of longitudinal data. One of the challenges I encounter is to learn and develop my skillsets for longitudinal data management and analysis. As such skillsets are currently limited in Singapore, I also have to learn from best practices in other areas and from overseas, and adapt them to the study. Thankfully, I have a group of peers and mentors who are always ready to discuss and bounce off ideas, share their experiences and provide me with guidance.

My happiest moment at work

The greatest sense of achievement I derived from this job is when data users from various government agencies make use of the longitudinal datasets prepared by my team members and me. From the datasets, useful insights have been derived to inform and facilitate policy reviews to improve the lives of the ageing population in Singapore.

Training and support

As part of personal and leadership development, the Board schedules officers to attend various courses. These include courses to increase self-awareness, to understand inter-personal needs and behaviours at the workplace, and supervisory skills. These courses have helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses, and equipped me with skills to guide my team.

In addition, on-the-job training with close guidance from senior colleagues in the team has helped raise my effectiveness in the day-to-day operations of my job. I am also very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in a technical workshop at Statistics Canada which has strong expertise in longitudinal survey and data management. I interacted and learned from the experts during the 5-day workshop, and at the same time, experienced the freezing temperatures in Ottawa! After the trip, I shared the key learning points with the team and adapted the guidelines to cater to the local context and requirements.

Work-life balance

It is not all work and no play during the work week at the Board. The Board’s Sports and Recreation Committee organises activities to look after the health and wellness of all staff. Personally, I enjoy the kick-boxing sessions to relax myself after a day at work.

In the department, we organise quarterly department lunches and annual team building to facilitate team bonding. We also celebrate festivals together such as “lou hei” during Chinese New Year and have dumplings potluck during the Dumpling Festival, which makes the office feel like a second home.

Some advice

If you are looking for a fun and vibrant environment to work in and are open to challenges, come join us, be part of TEAM CPF, to help Singaporeans build a secure retirement.