Celia Ng & Associates

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We, JC Advisory, are a group of financial representatives representing Great Eastern Financial Life Assurance. We began as Jimmy Kan & Associates in 1996, and as the team grew over the years, Jimmy and his group of leaders guided the team to achieve their goals, and some even went above and beyond.

Jimmy Kan & Associates has now developed two Directors, one of whom is Celia Ng, as well as a large group of elites to deliver their knowledge and service to the public, ensuring that they are adequately insured and that their lifestyles are improved via good Financial Planning.

JC Advisory brings together financial representatives from various walks of life with one goal in mind: to assist families in planning and achieving their financial objectives, therefore brightening their lives. Simultaneously, we seek to build genuine relationships and keep everyone's best interests in mind. In a constantly changing market, we believe in providing high-quality service and guidance that will help us stand the test of time. As a result, the following key principles guide us: Integrity, Excellence, Compassion, Collaboration, Progression, and Gratitude.