Lam Sui Chang

Lam Sui Chang

Executive, Project Management

My company

I believe you probably would have shopped at one of CapitaLand’s malls at some point in time. However, CapitaLand’s business goes far beyond operating shopping malls.  Its diversified global real estate portfolio includes integrated developments, serviced residences, offices and homes as well.  In fact CapitaLand is one of Asia’s largest real estate companies headquartered and listed in Singapore.

Getting into CapitaLand

I applied for CapitaLand during my first year in NTU under the BCA – CapitaLand Built Environment Undergraduate Scholarship.  The selection process for the scholarship consists of four rounds of interview as well as an aptitude test.  The final interview was with the President & Group Chief Executive Officer.  After graduating, I joined CapitaLand under its Graduate Development Programme (GDP).

My journey with CapitaLand

As part of the GDP, I would be rotated to different assignments that across CapitaLand’s businesses.

I appreciate the learning opportunities that came with each rotation. I gained insights into CapitaLand’s various businesses and functions in a relatively short period of 12 months.

My first rotation was with CapitaLand Singapore, as part of the Project Management team working on CapitaGreen; a premium Grade A office building within Singapore’s Central Business District. I got to experience first-hand what it is like working in a construction site, and saw how different parts of the project came together to form the wonderful building we see today.

My second rotation was with CapitaLand Mall Asia’s Design Management team, where I was involved in testing out new technologies that could be deployed in our shopping malls. My work involved understanding the operational issues our colleagues faced on the ground, analysing them, and working with the team to determine how best we could use technology to help them, for example by increasing their productivity or to save on utilities.

At the end of the last rotation under the GDP, I was deployed back to the Project Management team under CapitaLand Singapore. In this role, I help oversee the time, cost and quality of our projects under construction. In addition, I also plan and coordinate all aspects of the construction process, including hiring contractors and working with engineers, architects and vendors. It is indeed a privilege to be working with some of the best within the industry.

Training program

There are many opportunities for learning in CapitaLand.  In fact employee development is such an important aspect of the company that it is reflected in our credo of “Building People. Building Communities.”. CapitaLand also has its own in-house learning institute called CapitaLand Institute of Management and Business (CLIMB) which was established for CapitaLand employees to promote continual professional and personal development. 

A company with a heart

When speaking to my friends in other company, one unique aspect of CapitaLand is that it actively promotes volunteerism within the company, in fact each volunteer are granted three-day volunteer services leave every calendar year. The volunteerism is not limited to within Singapore’s border; recently I had the privilege of partaking in one of the overseas volunteer expedition to Nang Yen (Outskirts of Hanoi). It was indeed a very memorable experience interacting with the children there, and you get a sense of fulfilment knowing that the work you do with CapitaLand can have a direct impact on the communities where we operate.

Some advice

As fresh graduates, you may not have much working experience, and the Company understands this. What’s more important would be to have an open mind and be willing to seize the opportunities that the Company offers you.

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