Wong Si Min

Wong Si Min

Audit Associate

My company and my job

The main role of audit associates is to assist the seniors in every way they need. This allows me to learn how things are done in the firm. Apart from learning from my seniors, I get to learn a lot from the interaction that I have with clients as well. I got to interact with clients as I was tasked to audit a section of a portfolio.

How I got my job

The interview process was a memorable one. I had come in prepared with answers to the normal questions that all interviewees would expect, however, the interview was mainly based on a case study. I didn’t expect the questions that were asked and had to think on the spot. The interviewer had made the environment a friendly one, so I was able to express my thoughts comfortably.

The highs and lows

The adrenaline rush of the job is what keeps me motivated every day. Once I see a project reaching its completion phase, I would feel a sense of achievement as I have worked hard with my team.

On the contrary, the most challenging aspect of the work is that every business is different, making the audit approach for each client different as well. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all solution – this is one unique aspect of an audit career.

Training and support

I had to attend a one week training period for my role as an Audit Associate. It was quite a memorable one as we got to learn how to audit the different sections of a financial assertion. This helped me to widen my perspective as I only get to audit specific sections during engagements. With this training, I can better appreciate the entire audit process.

Work-life balance

Due to the nature of the job, we are required to work long hours. I commit my weekdays to the job and relax only during weekends. My colleagues keep me going in spite of the long hours. The camaraderie keeps me motivated and is my biggest takeaway from the firm.

Some advice

Having a good attitude and a willingness to learn is what will sustain you throughout your career. Every engagement is different, so you should embrace the exposure. It is important to enjoy the learning process as it will make you a better person and a better auditor. No matter how challenging the job might be, remember the quote: “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”