Hsieh Ming Jou

Senior Audit Associate

Hsieh Ming Jou obtained a Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons.) from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 2018.

I am also thankful for the open-concept office at BDO, which has cultivated an enjoyable and fun environment to work in.
As an auditor, I have no fixed routine. In fact, I continuously adapt to the demands of each audit engagement that I embark on. I plan my schedule the night before to make sure that I have an efficient schedule to keep me at the top of my game. Generally, I would try to get to office early so that I can catch up with any outstanding emails. It also serves as a refresher for the key tasks that I would need to address in the day. Then, I update my day’s schedule to reflect the order of priority for my ongoing audit engagements. The practice of prioritising my tasks is important for me to ensure I constantly meet the expectations and demand of each stakeholders. I am also thankful for the open-concept office at BDO, which has cultivated an enjoyable and fun environment to work in.
The open office also creates an environment that encourages team bonding and allows us to forge many friendships. As we head into the afternoon, my teammates will grab each other and go out for lunch – which is the most enjoyable part of the day! Lunch is the time we get to know our colleagues better and talk about the week’s activities and stories. I am grateful to have such a closely-knit and friendly team to share my day with. When I am out on fieldwork, I have the opportunity to get to know my teammates even better as we do practically everything together. When you are out for fieldwork, it is important to stay as a team as everyone will play an important part in finishing the engagement.
When it comes to work, it is extremely important to clarify our doubts. Usually, I would use this time in the afternoon to speak with our managers to get a better understanding of our tasks. At BDO, our approachable and friendly managers are always willing to share their deep experiences and knowledge, so that we can be ever more efficient in our work. Nevertheless, we always do our own research on any matters at hand before approaching our managers to enhance our own skills and learning.
Being an auditor is not your regular and standard nine-to-five job. During the peak audit period, our work can be overwhelming and hectic. Hence, the job teaches us the importance of sheer effort and time management in order for us to get through each day. The good thing about this career is that we generally have the freedom and flexibility to manage our work times, so long as all deadlines are met. While the work can be stressful at times, it is assuring to know that we have closely-knitted team members to support us even as they work alongside us. Overall, being an auditor provides a lot of fulfilment. It comes from a mix of technical and professional competence to do our job well, and we are always kept on our toes whenever we enter each ever-changing engagement. In this line, we continuously upgrade and develop our skills in order to keep up to the demands and challenges of modern times. Again, it is important to emphasise that it is not always about technical knowledge. Interpersonal skills are essential and play a key role in our communications with our teammates, and especially our clients.