Foo Xiao Ting

Foo Xiao Ting

Audit Associate

I learnt about BDO LLP through a friend who was a tax intern with the company. Prior to my graduation, I submitted my application and was invited for an interview the week after.

The hiring process consisted of two rounds of interviews. During the interview, my technical skills were tested and the interviewer made an effort to understand my personal interests.

I gained the impression that the company values its employees beyond just looking at their technical expertise. I believe it was my positive attitude that set me apart from other candidates to clinch the role eventually.

About my role

My role as an Audit Associate involves audit planning, fieldwork and assisting in the preparation of statutory financial statements. On top of that, we have to develop and maintain long-term client relationships. Being an auditor is definitely not a typical nine-to-five deskbound job. Most of the time, we are out on field at our clients’ offices.

Challenges encountered

One of the challenges I faced was the constant need to adapt to different industries and business operations. The accounting industry is ever-changing. Furthermore, I was involved in numerous engagements spanning across different industries, which required me to constantly build up my knowledge on how different types of businesses operate.

I would research and perform background checks on these companies to understand their business operations before the start of engagements.

Memorable experiences

I felt a strong sense of satisfaction after my team completed one of the most demanding engagements we had. The best takeaway was the friendships formed during the engagement. Apart from work, one of my most memorable experiences was a 3D2N Dinner & Dance event.

Essential skills in my job

Basic accounting knowledge is necessary for the job. However, in this current day and age, having technical skills alone is not sufficient.

It is imperative for one to possess key soft skills such as, being a team player, communicating well, and being able to adapt constantly. I believe it was my internship experiences which provided exposure for me to be prepared for this role.

Advice for graduates

Brace yourself for this fast-paced and demanding industry. There will be challenges but always come with an open heart. Face challenges with the right attitude and a positive mindset, and you will gain valuable experience.