Deborah Ong Dehui

Audit Senior I

Deborah obtained a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Accounting and Finance from the University of London in 2016.

When approached by my juniors, I will try my best to provide guidance and teach them so that they have a better understanding of the audit concepts.
8.30 AM
I usually aim to reach office early before the official working hours starting at 8.45 a.m. This helps me avoid the morning crowd and also allows me to get a good seat in our office hot desk area. During this period, I will follow-up on emails and update my “to-do list”. This helps me prioritise the important items for each audit engagement I have on hand, especially when there is no fixed daily routine while being an auditor.
9.00 AM
When the rest of my team members have reached office and settled down, I will discuss with them on the status of the sections assigned to them and enquire if there are any crucial audit findings thus far. As the audit senior-in-charge, I need to keep myself updated and understand the whole audit of the engagement in order to better inform my manager and partner. On days that I am out on fieldwork at client’s office, I will usually discuss with the client on the outstanding items requested and also to provide clarifications on our audit queries if required.
12.00 PM
Lunch time is the period everyone looks forward to. We would usually head out for lunch in a group. Lunch time is the best part of the day as not only does it allows us to have a one-hour break from work, it also allows us to bond with our colleagues through small talks and sharing of stories. On days that I am out on fieldwork with my team, I will take the chance to get to know my team members better over lunch. This helps to build rapport within the team and is essential to our work as auditing is about teamwork and working together to accomplish the same goal.
4.00 PM
During the course of the audit, I will check in on my team members if they have any difficulties with the audit work papers. When approached by my juniors, I will try my best to provide guidance and teach them so that they have a better understanding of the audit concepts. There are also times when I will encounter difficulties in understanding certain audit procedures. I will research for solutions to the problems encountered before asking others for advice. In BDO, I am fortunate to be able to approach my fellow audit seniors and managers for advice and they are willing to share their knowledge with me.
6.00 PM
Despite work officially ending at 5.45 p.m. as an auditor there is no fixed ending time as it depends on the tasks that need to be completed. Our audit workload may be extremely hectic during the audit peak period when we are rushing to meet deadlines. Although there are times that we need to work overtime, it is comforting to have fellow team members and other colleagues working in office together and supporting one another.

Overall, being an auditor has provided many important skill sets, such as time management and communication skills. It has also challenged me to always be up-to-date with current affairs and new accounting standards. As an auditor, I am also exposed to different industries and have the opportunity to build up my client relationship skills. These hard and soft skills are invaluable and are applicable in all lines of work.