Cha Yen Suang

Cha Yen Suang

Audit Associate

My company and my job

I am currently working as an auditor in BDO LLP. My day-to-day job responsibilities involve providing assurance to companies’ financial statements in order to arrive at a true and fair view of their business.

How I got my job

The interview session was an enjoyable one with the firm HR Partner. She asked a few basic questions to get to know me. I think what set me apart from the rest was my positive attitude as well as my willingness to learn.

The highs and lows

What I find most fulfilling about my work are the extensive learning and opportunities that I am able to obtain from each job. Every day, I find myself taking on new tasks where I have to constantly push further to improve myself.

Auditing work goes beyond numbers and spreadsheets, dollars and cents. This profession also requires a lot of people skills. It is not just about conveying thoughts, ideas and suggestions to my colleagues and clients but also about listening to them, interpreting information and managing expectations.

That being said, the challenging part for me was improving my interpersonal skills. On the flip side, the wide spectrum of people whom we come into contact with can be a highlight of our work days as well.

My happiest moment at work

In these first three months in BDO, my biggest achievement so far has been my involvement in a job assignment together with a great team. It was an incredible experience learning and working alongside a friendly and supportive group of colleagues. In addition, positive comments and encouraging feedback from my manager always motivate me to look forward to the next assignment.

Training and support

As continuing professional development is an essential aspect for the job, BDO has constantly held comprehensive training sessions. BDO also conducts Audit Induction Programmes to help all new joiners in the big BDO family to get familiarised with the environment and the services it offers. Additionally, we are each assigned a buddy when we first join. We can simply approach them whenever we encounter difficulties.

Work-life balance

I am able to achieve work-life balance in my job as I believe that it is every individual’s responsibility to take control of managing their time. I take a few minutes of each day to plan my day, as it is crucial for me to know my schedule and the activities I have.

We use an electronic work tool – Audit Process Tool – to discharge our responsibilities. This helps me understand how much I can get done during the course of a day and where my precious moments are going. It also helps me see how much time I actually spend producing results.

At BDO, we do have other activities outside work. We also have Movie Nights, Team building and other activities that have helped me de-stress at times!

Some advice

Take chances, and drop all your fears. Each opportunity may be another step closer to your dream becoming a reality.