Linda Chua, AIA Singapore

Linda Chua

Financial Services Consultant

Linda graduated with a degree in Media and Communications from the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Their “thank you” texts and calls always fill me with warmth as I know that I made a positive impact in their lives.

Getting started

I majored in Media and Communications at the National University of Singapore (NUS), and even then, I knew I wanted a career where I could manage my time and be able to interact with different individuals while adding value to their lives. Because I understood the importance of insurance, I chose to work in this industry to promote the welfare of individuals when I graduated. The reason why I chose AIA is because it is a longstanding brand in the industry and is one of the largest life insurers in Singapore. I also liked the fact that AIA puts its customers on the forefront of everything they do, which aligns with my passion and work ethics. Being a Financial Services Consultant all these years has made me feel great, knowing that what I’ve done had benefitted so many lives, proving that all my hard work is meaningful, and that my perseverance in this career is worth it.

About my role

My job is to share financial literacy with others and how I can assist them in their protection or assets accumulation needs. I try my best to have meetings daily, either to meet new prospects or existing customers for servicing appointments over casual meals or coffee with no work agenda, but just to have catch-up sessions and build a rapport with my customers. On days where I do not have meetings arranged or when I’m in between meetings, I will go to the office to complete paperwork or prepare for upcoming appointments.


Some challenges I faced when I first started out included the lack of support from some of my family members and friends as they had doubts about me staying long in this industry. They also felt that my degree had gone to waste as I ventured into a different field from what I studied. Due to the lack of support, my spirits dampened but I knew I had to persevere on. I eventually overcame these negative feelings and found myself stronger as I understood that handling rejections are part and parcel of life. I believe in setting a positive example for others who need conviction and perseverance to join this career. All in all, life’s experiences are never wasted and I am glad to be where I am today. There’s this saying that goes: “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

Biggest achievement

My greatest achievement would always be receiving commendations and referrals from my clients whenever I served them well in their financial planning needs and in processing their claims. Their “thank you” texts and calls always fill me with warmth as I know that I had made a positive impact in their lives. Their referrals mean a lot to me and what I appreciate the most is when my clients, who valued my service over the years, turn into my personal friends.

Vital skills

Extending a good listening ear to your prospects and clients is important so you can better analyse their situations and needs, upon which you can provide suitable recommendations accordingly. Perseverance is also an essential skill, because at times, prospects may reject you – but they might end up being your clients at some point in the future, provided you’ve been persevering well and conducting your follow-ups conscientiously.

My advice to graduates

Explore this industry with an open heart and a never-say-die attitude. Rejections are bound to happen, but the rewarding part about this career is that you get paid off well. Moreover, you will live with a fulfilling feeling every day, knowing that what you are doing makes a positive difference as well as value-adding to the lives of others. Last but not least, remember that the sky is the limit, so never limit yourself and always be open to endless possibilities.