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Advisors’ Clique is a group of individual financial consultants representing GEFA. A name synonymous with dynamism, Advisors’ Clique has a team of about 1000 dedicated financial consultants to provide clients with financial advisory services, risk and wealth management solutions.

Great Eastern Financial Advisers Private Limited (GEFA) is a company licensed under the Financial Advisers Act to provide financial advisory service in Singapore.

GEFA is wholly owned by Great Eastern Holdings Limited, a member of the OCBC Group. It is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to offer financial advisory services. The range of products that GEFA can advise on includes life policies, general insurance and collective investment schemes. GEFA is also the exclusive financial advisory firm distributing Great Eastern Life products.

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At Advisors’ Clique, we put YOU first in everything. We care about you growing your wealth and progressing as a professional, therefore we will be there funding and mentoring you right from the start, then supporting you throughout your career with us. Did we mention great rewards that will come your way? Let’s have fun earning those moolah together, shall we?
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Accountancy and Financial Management
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