Nicholas Eng

Nicholas Eng

Analytics Analyst

My company and my job

Enabling strategic decisions and implementing complex technological transformations are core to Accenture’s organizational DNA. 

There's no mistake that the digital transformation is happening. And Accenture is very well placed to lead consultative efforts in all areas digital: cloud, social, mobile, analytics, deep learning, UI/UX, IoT etc.

As a first-year analyst, I’m fortunate to have the responsibility of managing the client’s APAC relationship.  Not only do I work closely with my client to identify their data science, analytics and business needs, I get to tap into the vast Accenture network to supplement my knowledge gaps and provide thoughtful solutions to my client.

Consulting projects are undertaken from start to finish. With my client, we strategize, plan, execute, test, and reiterate.

The highs and lows

Working to solve complex digital projects, with a global team of smart, passionate members, has kept me excited about coming in every day. Outside of project delivery, I’ve encountered a variety of pre-sales work, organized social events, and hosted internal and external conferences.

Aside from having a good variety of tasks, it's important to feel like you're working at the forefront of your field. Several projects that the Data Science team undertakes is truly cutting edge. They involve clients who are willing to invest in developing novel solutions.

The natural lows of consulting include pressure to deliver and occasional bouts of boredom. But there are plenty of ways to deal with these situations. Setting clear work-life boundaries or having a strong and supportive network helps immensely.

My happiest moment at work

My happiest moment at work was when my client, after having worked with us for 6 months, decided to extend our contract for another year. This was testament to the combined effort our team to deliver quality results.

Training and support

Everyone from the analysts to the partners has a career counsellor. His/Her role is to ensure that you are happy with your current assignment and that you understand the different trajectories that your career can take within Accenture. This has been, for me, the best and most direct support system. The career counsellors are also a great source of knowledge and workplace connections.

Work-life balance

Make time for what matters to you most. #MakeTime 

Some advice

Be competent and conscientious. Actively seek help, and seek to help. Leadership is situational, so take the initiative when necessary, but just as importantly, know when to take a step back and support others to lead.