Ng Minzhen

Ng Minzhen

Management Consulting Analyst

My company and my job

I am a Management Consulting Analyst based in the Singapore office and I am currently on a public sector project, which is launching a nationwide government system to be used by businesses.

As an analyst, I am expected to do about anything and everything. This includes analysing complex data and information to form actionable insights, developing communication and user adoption strategies and materials, and driving end user studies and engagement. Apart from deliverables, analysts are also expected to work closely with project clients during meetings. Consulting requires me to be fast, adaptable and think out of the box for the best solution to obtain results for my project.

How I got my job

Getting into Accenture was a goal that I had in mind during my final year of university and I was lucky enough to chance upon a Linkedin job posting.

The interview process had three rounds and the most exciting part was presenting recommendations to a business case study under an hour. It was both intimidating and exciting at the same time. My advice for such situations is to remain calm, articulate your thoughts and reasoning clearly even when your interviewer isn’t the most pleasant person (but honestly, it’s all part of the act).

The highs and the lows

I like the fact that every day / week of my job is different and my responsibilities varies according to the project context. My colleagues in Accenture are also brilliant at working together for solutions to complex issues that we face on projects.

As I am involved in public sector projects, I find meaning in knowing that my work impacts Singaporeans and businesses on a large scale, which also makes it challenging as our work requires us to be far sighted and to constantly remain relevant in terms of skills and knowledge.

My happiest moment at work

Perhaps completing my first project and when it was featured in Straits Times. It is fulfilling to witness project teams working hard together to deliver a project and it is a sense of accomplishment to be part of it. Needless to say, there were many stressful points leading up to the project launch.

Training and support

Accenture provides great support and resources when it comes to upgrading skills and knowledge. I attended a two week analyst training course, during which I managed to learn from peers and senior management from other countries. Also, Accenture offers a solid support network, from my project managers and my career counsellor whom I get constructive feedback and encouragement from.

Work-life balance

Working hours vary according to project and implementation phases. To me, work life balance is a personal choice. There are some days which I pull long hours to complete the major deliverables but there are days which I prioritise family or friend time. Rule of thumb – as long as quality work gets done!

Some advice

I would say be authentic – in your career aspirations, strengths and at your workplace. Some introspection would help to validate your interest in consulting and drive you to build important skills – communication, clarity in thought – which will help you in securing the final interview. But of course, your attitude and personality are important in securing the job!