Pros and Cons of Pursuing a Career in the Finance Industry

It can be tough to pave your way in this industry, but success in this business can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career.
The gradsingapore Team
The gradsingapore Team
BFA_Pros&cons of pursing a career in the finance industry

Financial services

Globalisation has been behind much of this area’s growth, and as a result, there are now more options than ever before.


• Potential to bring in a high income
• Good working conditions
• Regular business hours


• Fast-paced and highly stressful
• A cyclical industry

Accountancy and financial management

What you think of a career in accountancy and financial management will depend not just on your working style, but your personality as well.


• A stable industry
• Clear career path
• Many opportunities to develop professionally
• Flexibility in choosing where to work – accountants can be found everywhere


• Work can come off as routine and dull
• During peak season, large amounts of stress and long working hours are the norm

Banking and investment

At the top of your game, you’ll find yourself showered with rewards many can only dream of. But know that making your way in this sector won’t be easy.


• Opportunities for professional growth
• The chance to build a large network
• Remuneration


• A highly stressful environment that comes with long working hours
• Fierce competition