Level Up your Employability through Co-curricular Activities

Here are some great ways to hone your skills while you’re still pursuing your diploma!
Anne Grace Savitha
Writer, gradsingapore

Studying in polytechnic is more than just acing your assignments and examinations. Don’t miss out on the many co-curricular opportunities to pick up skills to enrich you as a person and future employee.

1. Join clubs and societies

If you’re passionate about something, don’t wait too long to master it. The best time and place to start is when you’re still in school. Employers value candidates who have a life outside work and do not hesitate to pick up new skills and hobbies, venturing to new territory.

It will also cost more if you try to pick up a sport, art form, dance or musical instrument after you graduate from polytechnic. While you’re in school, you just have to allocate your time efficiently for these co-curricular activities which can spruce up your otherwise monotonous school life. Have fun boosting your co-curricular record in polytechnic alongside academic pursuits.

2. Participate in competitions

Winning should not be your only reason for taking part in competitions. Preparing for a competition and giving your best shot at it helps you to dispel any doubt from within yourself, and shows you how you can work diligently to get closer to your goals.

Sports enthusiasts can compete in the annual Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Games and Polytechnic-ITE (POL-ITE) Games, while there are other competitions you can join according to your strengths and interests.

Employers want to see dedication and commitment to a cause or goal in potential employees, and having a track record of taking part in competitions will strengthen your application.

3. Attend talks and forums

There are talks and forums held on polytechnic campuses featuring prominent speakers from the industry and society. Don’t miss out on the chance to listen to their stories of their personal career journeys, or insights on the latest industry trends.

TEDx events, organised to discover ideas and spark conversations in communities, are also popular on campuses. Such talks provide motivation and inspire you to have passion for what you do. At forums, don’t hesitate to speak up if you have anything important to share on any topic or issue close to your heart.

Most importantly, listen and soak up the insights which will provide useful fodder for you to form your opinions and worldviews in time to come as a young jobseeker.

With so much to learn and acquire, co-curricular activities serve as a critical platform for you to strengthen your skills to position yourself in the job market after graduating from polytechnic.