Polytechnic Students and Graduates

A full time position is probably the most stable option for most people, but job insecurity can definitely challenge that notion. Here are some alternative choices to go for instead.
Not everyone wants to immediately start working after graduation, and that’s perfectly acceptable. Here are some things you can opt to do after completing school.
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As a diploma holder, you may not know that you are highly sought after by employers, with your specialised skills and training acquired in your polytechnic years. Do you know what sets you apart as a diploma holder looking for a job?
Need some time off to think about what’s next after polytechnic? Taking a gap year might just be a remedy for some of you. Having some time and freedom to hone some skills and boost your confidence helps in shaping your future plans.
Heading into the workforce right after graduation from polytechnic? Here is a guide on how you can start your professional journey on the right note to launch your career.

What can you do in the six months of free time between your final examination in polytechnic till the time university classes commence? Here are some tips to stay on top of the game during this short break.
It is important to build your support circle of friends and mentors in polytechnic in order to help with your career development. Here are three tips to expand your network during and after your diploma.
Here are some tips for hitting the books and getting professional certifications even if you are working full-time after your diploma.
Here are some great ways to hone your skills while you’re still pursuing your diploma!