Which Career Suits Your Personality Type?

Whether you’re creative or practical, a social butterfly or an introvert, there is a job type that’s almost perfect for you.
Elliyani Mohamad Ali
Chief Editor, gradsingapore

It can be stressful when it’s time to decide on your career path. Sure, you can match your future job to something you excel at (e.g. becoming a scientist because you’re good in science) or you can choose a career based on a trendy industry now (e.g. technology and healthcare), but some experts find that people are typically happier and more productive when working in jobs that match their personality type.

Renowned researcher, John Holland, believes that people placed in jobs that are tailored to how they work best tend to achieve higher job fulfilment, produce better quality of work and contribute to happier working environments. While there are several personality tests available, Holland's Theory of Career Choice narrowed down the personalities of the modern worker to six main categories. The theory classifies people into their respective category by evaluating how a person approaches life situations.

Read on and find out which personality type resonates with you the most and its corresponding suitable jobs. Maybe you’ll figure out your true calling.

The Creator (Artistic)

If you’re expressive and constantly creating some sort of content (e.g. music and writing), chances are you’re a creator. You value the freedom of expression and prefer original materials. This may also mean you avoid repetitive or highly structured activities. You enjoy sharing your ideas and love to inspire and be inspired.

Career&Personality_The Creator

The Doer (Realistic)

Do you enjoy building up Lego sets during your downtime? Or do you see assembling computer parts together as a hobby? Then it’s possible you’re a doer – someone who enjoys working mainly with their hands by creating and fixing things, assembling or operating equipment. You’re highly likely to be practical, systematic and an independent individual.

Career&Personality_The Doer

The Helper (Social)

Everyone has that one friend who is always there when you need them; maybe the person is you in the group. The helper is the most common category of the six, and many people have traits of this category among others. As a helper, you may particularly value providing services for others, and enjoy working closely with people.

Career&Personality_The Helper

The Organiser (Conventional)

If you find fulfilment in working with numbers, records or machines, then perhaps you’re an organiser. You enjoy carrying out repetitive tasks in a methodical manner and avoid vague activities. You are good in keeping things in order and following procedures to the T.

Career&Personality_The Organiser

The Persuader (Enterprising)

There’s always someone who’s known to be the life of the party, and they most likely have a persuasive personality. Born to sell and tend to value business or politics, the persuader knows how to argue persuasively to change someone’s mind. As a persuader, you may be ambitious and a social butterfly. Chances are, while others complain about it, you’re likely drawn to working in groups.

Career&Personality_The Persuader

The Thinker (Investigative)

For those who love to learn and solve math or science-related problems, they’re most likely the thinkers. If you’re a thinker, you may enjoy researching and discovering new theories. You’re likely one of those students who greatly love doing scientific experiments, and looking to pursue a career in STEM.

Career&Personality_The Thinker

It goes without saying that your career planning should take multiple other matters into account, like your capabilities, job market demands and internship experience. Otherwise, the world would likely be filled with social media influencers.