Green Flags to Look Out for during Your Job Hunt

Here are some positive signs you can spot on the get-go to gauge that the company you’re applying for has a positive workplace culture.
The gradsingapore Team
Dawn Yip
Editorial Intern, gradsingapore
Green Flags to Look Out for during Your Job Hunt

Before you head for an interview, or even before you send a job application, it’s often advised for candidates to do some background research on the company you wish to work for. After all, if this is the place where you want to be, it would make logical sense to make sure that the working environment and culture suits your needs.

Researching a company is considered an important step in job-hunting. It shows interviewers that you’re well-prepared and hold vested interest in their company. It also helps you prepare smart questions and provides you with a better understanding of the company’s culture and values. But most importantly, it helps you decide whether the company will be a good fit for you. After all, if given the choice, you’d rather not work in an environment that makes you dread coming into work, right?

During the process, you might be told to look out for numerous red flags – the telltale signs accumulate to one big picture: a working environment that you’re better off running far, far away from. 

But rather than focus solely on the negatives, what about the opposite? You just might be able to spot some green flags instead – indicators that the workplace and the co-workers – could be a positive and non-toxic place to work in.

Check through the listings

Green flag sightings can start from the very beginning – when you’re sending out your applications. Apart from reading through the job descriptions and requirements, do some background checks on the company offering them. It might seem like a hassle to scan through every single one that catches your eye, especially when that number can pile up. But by doing so, you’ll be able to avoid applying for positions that may not live up to your expectations.

green flags_check listings

During the interviewing process

When going in for an interview, it is not only a chance for the interviewers to gauge you as a candidate – it’s also an opportunity for you to get a better impression on what working with the company will be like should you be hired.

During the interview proper, come prepared with smart questions to ask the interviewer. After all, this is the best time for you to ask any burning questions you have, as well as clear any doubts and uncertainties. So when given the opportunity, just ask away – the answers you get can tell you a lot about the company, whether good or bad.

green flags_interview process

Scoping out the office

Joining a company that encourages company wellness can mean the difference between a job that you enjoy and one that you’ll dread coming into every day. If you are able to cinch a face-to-face interview, that’s a good chance to scope out the workplace as well.

What a good working environment can be different for everyone – some might love the idea of an open-space office, while those who prefer a little more privacy might appreciate cubicles a little more. Ultimately, go with your heart on this; Imagine yourself in the environment and ask yourself: can I envision myself working here for the next few years of my life?

green flags_scope office

Of course, no company is perfect, each of them come with their own perks and flaws. They won’t always tick off every checkbox you have for them or perfectly fit the culture you want, but there are overlapping signs that you can still pick out as green flags. Moreover, depending on the kind of company it is, some may have greater capacity for upskilling their workers, while others may seem a lot more close-knit and friendly. The important thing here is to ultimately make the most informed decision you can based on all the evidence you’ve gathered.